Customer Testimonials

Want proof that we can provide you with excellent service and the right plan to protect you and your family? Read what some of our policyholders have to say about our business as well as insurance in general.

UW Stevens Point faculty member Dennis Yockers

"We see long term care happening in our family & because of the impact it has on other family members, we wanted to make certain that our children would not have to take care of us."

UW Barron faculty member Sue Patrick

"Purchasing long term care was a great opportunity at our age, so I hope others do avail themselves of it. I liked the 10-pay program."

Retired teacher from D.C. Everest High School Paul Majerle

"My wife & I bought long-term care insurance to protect our assets & to insure that we would not go through the money the way my father did 15 years ago. He spent almost four years in the nursing home, which was paid out of his assets. It cost almost $100,000. We chose the 10-year payment plan because we did not want to be paying for the rest of our lives."

Retired Principal from Rhinelander High School Keith Young

"Since both Patti and I have had parents who required long term care, we were aware of some of the issues related to this part of life. Linda gave us the most recent information concerning costs and then related that to our lives and children. What impressed both of us was Linda's knowledge with this very important aspect of insurance and her help in getting us the best policy for our needs. I have and will continue to recommend Linda to others."

Eldercare Attorney Harley Gordon

If you ever need care over a period of years, you life won't end, someone else's will.

Heidi Fralick from Timber Drive Dental Inc.

I have been a customer of Insurance Center of Northeastern Wisconsin for quite a few years and have always had excellent service! Jack and Linda Grzesik are very prompt in handling our claims and any questions I may have are answered in a timely manner. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.


Brookings Institute Study: 60% of those on claim said that they would not be able to afford the level of care they are receiving if it wasn't for the long-term care policy payments.

Educator, Phyllis Shelton - Long-term care insurance helps keep people out of a nursing home.

How does a family pay for an extra $5000 a month and keep your other financial commitments and lifestyle? What happens to the lifestyle of the healthy spouse? Can your savings pay for 3 - 8 years of care & maintain income for the spouse at home?

The "second greatest gift of life" you can provide to your children is Long Term Care Insurance because they can keep their life as it is, despite you not being well. Without a plan, what other choice do they have but to take care of you? What would taking care of you over an extended period of years do to your wife and children, emotionally, physically, and financially?

Financial Planner Suze Orman - "The best & most affordable protection for your retirement may be long term care insurance. Nothing is more preventable than the swift & total financial devastation that comes from a long term care stay."

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